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Benning Construction Company’s story is an epic American story of courage, hard work, strong relationships and financial prudence, which parallels the country’s transition from city center dominance to suburban development. Five generations in the making, Benning Construction Company has enlarged the Benning family legacy to include our employees; owner-partners whose contributions continue to make the firm the reputable, reliable, financially sound organization it is today.

The Benning family legacy in the building and real estate development industry began in the 1890’s when Augustus Harrison Benning, a former Pacific Rim Sea Captain turned Bank President, developed business areas and neighborhoods in post-Civil War Atlanta.

Augustus’s sons created ‘T. R. Benning Building Contractors’, a firm that thrived during the 1920’s and built pharmacies with soda fountains and movie houses that showed new releases such as Gone With the Wind, thus beginning Benning’s retail and cinema legacy.

In 1953, T.R. Benning Jr., father of current President T. R. “Ted” Benning III, and Augustus’s grandson, finally incorporated Benning Construction Company. In the 1950’s the country was expanding outside of traditional city centers due to the development of highway infrastructure and the freedom afforded by automobile ownership. Benning Construction Company followed the growth and brought their retail and cinema expertise to the suburbs.

“Ted” Benning III, Augustus’s great-grandson, has now been at the helm of Benning Construction Company for over 30 years. Accompanying his father and grandfather on jobsites before he could talk, Ted Benning spent summers and school breaks working and earned ownership in the company by working full time after graduating from college. Under his leadership, the firm has continued to grow its retail and cinema market share while expanding into the education and municipal markets.

Today the fifth generation of Benning leadership, Kelly Benning Huckaby, serves on the Board of Directors. Related by purpose instead of blood, and earning their equity the same way their President did, the Benning Family was expanded in the millennium to include employee ownership via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Together, the Benning Construction Company family, with our employee owner partners, strives for continual improvement and proves that this multi-generational employee-owned company will never rest on its laurels.