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Since 1953, Benning has been a family-run business, providing solutions at any phase of development, from concept through completion. Seven decades of Benning family leadership, coupled with our employee-ownership structure ensures everyone has just as much stake in the success of your project as you do. Financially sound, our bonding capacity and long list of referral clients speaks to our stability and history of client satisfaction.

Our Value is Based On


Our Strength

As an employee owned company, the average tenure of our employees is 15 + years.? The consistency of our seasoned professionals ensures project success.? We focus on attracting and keeping the right collection of people with the right skills, creating a positive work environment, and they in turn, focus on doing the best job possible.? Our team of 100 of the industry’s best construction professionals includes certified Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents and LEED AP Professionals and tradesmen employed as skilled laborers, masons, wall framers and drywall installers.

Our Stability

Since 1953 our mission has been to perform quality construction in a timely fashion at competitive prices for reliable owners, developers and tenants. The majority of our customer relationships have existed for over 30 years and counting. Our ability to perform is directly related to our long-term relationships and repeat projects with our subcontractor partners and their understanding of the Benning Way. The ability to self- perform many trades such as demolition, concrete, masonry and metal stud/drywall work ensures cost competitiveness and attention to quality.

Our Success

Benning Construction, has never failed to complete a project. Our goal of continual improvement ensures we do not rest on our laurels; we respect the clients we serve, we cherish our business relationships and we welcome challenges.

Our Longevity

Benning’s reputation for skill, integrity and responsibility has led to our sustained success.? Chairman of the Board Ted Benning III has led the firm for over 30 years, placing a strategic emphasis on industry best practices in safety, task execution in the field and attention to cost trends in material markets.? A multiple-generation family business, the next generation of Benning leadership, Kelly Benning Huckaby, serves on the firm’s Board of Directors.